About Me

Hello! My name is Anna Angela. I am an INFP, and I've always thought that with me, what you see is never what you get. There's more! So this blog is like lounging with me on a cushioned bay window, surrounded by cozy pillows, wrapped in a knitted throw, and sipping a cup of coffee (or tea!). We can talk about anything! Especially since I've had this blog for many years and I've rambled about everything, I couldn't delete it any more than I could throw away that raggedy sweater in my closet

I love creative stuff like knitting, crafting, cooking, and photography. I also love to travel and my annual new year's resolution is to visit a US state I've never visited before (flight stopovers don't count). So far, I've been to: CA, FL, NV, LA, HI, AZ, AK, UT.

Someday you'll find me travelling in Italy, but for now, you can find me blogging at annaangela.com about faith, life, and the ministry. You can also find me at Homemade Homebody, my attempt at organizing my DIY stuff. Follow me on Twitter and thanks for reading my thoughts From This Bay.

You can also find me in the Bay Area. Shout out!

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