Sunday, June 14, 2015

Review: Bear Naked Granola

Bear Naked Granola - From This Bay

It's easy to snack healthier with the Bear Naked granola, and that makes summer sweets this much better.

I received two Bear Naked granola for free to review from Influenster. All opinions are my own. I got the Coconut Almond Curry and the Sea Salt Caramel Apple.

Immediately, I knew what to do with the sweet one.

I paired the Bear Naked Sea Salt Caramel Apple with a Dreyer's Salted Caramel Pretzel Frozen Custard. Match made in heaven of sweet and salty.

The Bear Naked Coconut Almond Curry is more savory and paired well with yogurt. It's got a good kick on its own, so I like it with vanilla yogurt or greek yogurt.

These granola snacks are also great on their own. They burst with flavor, but are harder to eat with just your hands since there are small and loose pieces. They are great to toss in your purse or gym bag. Good for a midday pick me up along with your coffee!

Overall, if you're watching what you eat, especially in the summer, the Bear Naked Granola is a good choice for your snacking needs. Between the Sea Salt Caramel Apple and the Coconut Almond Curry, my first pick is the Sea Salt Caramel Apple. Girl's got a sweet tooth! But Bear Naked granola has a wide variety of flavors to choose from.

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