Friday, August 23, 2013

Do you need to put on your pants?

I used to be part of group where the leader undermined us, our talents & skills, and our advice.

Eventually, relationships broke down, bridges burned, and nothing was accomplished.

I've seen groups and leaders (in school, work places, and even in church) misuse their leaders, members, employees, and/or volunteers.

These "leaders" demand more than a person's training, job description, or time. They talk a lot without really saying anything, promising things they wouldn't or couldn't deliver on. Or they say one thing, but do another.

But what really grates on me are the ones who demand or expect things from people outside the scope of their skills without giving proper training or tools. And also the ones who don't listen to their people's advice or meet their needs.

If Jane is great at organizing games but breaks out in hives at the idea of teaching, you don't use Jane as a Sunday School teacher. If Adam is a people person and can get people to join activities, don't stick him in the back gathering materials or preparing snacks.

Sometimes our needs can be so great that it's all we see. Other times, we get so excited or passionate about a project that it's all we see.

Take a step back.

See your team as people. Open your eyes to their potential.
Ask them what they can do and want to do. Challenge them in ways that compliments their skills and talents. Listen to what they have to say and the advise they can give. Just because you are on the top, doesn't mean you don't have anything to learn.

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