Friday, July 26, 2013

Prayers for the Echon family

Bro. Edgar Echon aka Tatay Echon died yesterday. He went into the hospital soon after my Tatay passed, and he went through a lot of complications. His wife, Nanay Dolly, wasn't ready to let go, but I heard she came to a point where she told him to rest.

It's really embarrassing to cry at Starbucks, but I guess I'm emotional. It's only been about 4 months since my Tatay passed. Life's cycle has never been more evident in our church than this year. There are women giving birth. There are teens going to college, and there are college graduates. There are people getting married. And there are elderly passing away.

It's life. And as family in Christ, we celebrate the joys and comfort the sorrows of each other. Tatay Echon's last days just looks similar to my own Tatay's, lots of testings and hospital stays. I can't help but think that my Nanay is in a position to help Nanay Dolly through this, and that God can use this time of sorrow to call Tatay Echon's family to Him.

I've known Nanay Dolly and Tatay Echon for a long time. I don't actually know when they arrived to church or if they have always been there before my family came. They have always been there. I've even had their grandkids in my Sunday School classes. Please send prayers for their family.

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