Friday, July 12, 2013

Fridays, Food, and VBS

I've been pretty absent from my blog, and for that I'm sorry. I've just been tired. This is our VBS week at church. It's been amazing, fun, and tiring. Part of me doesn't get it. I mean, it's 3 hours everyday for only 5 days. What's the deal, right?

But it's much more than that. It's hours of last-minute preparations. Months of putting things together. And constant prayer. And on the days of VBS, you're expelling so much of your energy keeping up with very energetic kids. And you start feeling you're not as young or how you're totally out of shape (and by "you" I mean me).

And yet, it's worth it: the mess, the technical difficulties, the screaming and running, and the hugs, the smiles, the moments when you look in those kids eyes and realize that they got what you just said.

Today's the last day of VBS. Aside from the usual things on the schedule, we're doing a raffle, and a small graduation ceremony, and eating, of course :-) When have you ever had a gathering without food?

Tomorrow we have a church picnic (see? more food), and on Sunday we have our VBS presentation. Pray for us! Check out some of our VBS pictures on our FB page.

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