Friday, June 28, 2013

Isaiah 39

I've been reading and listening to Isaiah and today, part of the reading plan was Isaiah 39. I was a little confused. First, I wasn't enjoying Isaiah because there's a lot of destruction and curses on so many different people. It was kinda sad. But here's this story of King Hezekiah who shows a bunch of foreigners everything in his kingdom. And I mean everything. Verse 2. There was nothing in his palace or kingdom that Hezekiah didn't show to the Babylonian envoys.

Okay, so the back story was that Hezekiah was sick and dying. But he pleaded and God gave him another 15 years. The son of the king of Babylon sent Hezekiah gifts and best wishes. Hezekiah was so happy he showed the Babylonian envoys (the...representatives) everything in the kingdom.

Then Isaiah prophesies that Babylon will conquer them, and even some of Hezekiah's son will become eunuchs of the Babylon king. The people will be exiled and everything in the palace will be taken. And Hezekiah's thought? That at least it wouldn't happen in his lifetime. The next chapter is about God's comfort for His people and how He has no equal.

What kind of king opens his kingdom to that kind of vulnerability? Alright, call me cynical, but you get what I'm saying, right? Hezekiah laid out all his cards. Even though the Babylon prince gave gifts and best wishes, it doesn't mean he has the right intentions. That he wouldn't use that knowledge against the people of God.

We do see Hezekiah's pride though. In verse 4, he said, "I showed them everything I own - all my royal treasuries." So, not only was he foolish for making the kingdom vulnerable, he was prideful. Those things don't belong to him anyway. It belongs to God.

One thing that comes to mind right now is our kidmin's new sign-in procedures for Sunday School. One of my teachers told me that a student questioned to necessity of it. Isn't it like kids though, to not see the validity of safety procedures? But even some parents need to be reminded.

From Isaiah 39, we can learn that we should not be foolish or prideful. God entrusted us with the children's ministry. We're not very big so we know every child and every parent, but it doesn't mean we should be careless with the children's safety. It doesn't mean we just open our rooms to anyone and say, "Look what we have. Look at our rooms. Look how pretty. These are our kids."

It's hard to implement something new, but it's important to stick with it because we need to be wise and prepared, especially when it comes to things or people God entrusts to us.

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