Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pigs and Ripples

I was listening to Mark 5 (because reading in the morning is too much work for a night owl) and the story about the demon possessed man hit me. I've read and studied it before, but for some reason it stood out.

Jesus went to a region where a demon possessed man roamed the tombs. There was a confrontation. The demon was called Legion because they were many. Jesus told them to leave the man and they begged to be sent into the pigs. Jesus said yes, and 2000 pigs was demon possessed, ran into the water, and drowned. The pig herders saw this, told other people, and the people came to see for themselves. The man was sane and healed. The pigs had drowned. The people asked Jesus to leave. The man begged to go with Jesus but Jesus told him no, and told him to tell others about what happened to him. The man went to the ten cities, told people what Jesus did for him, and people were amazed.

It struck me that many people will see for themselves the work of God in our world, but they will push Him away for one reason or another. Maybe because they can't explain it. Or maybe because, like the pigs that drowned, He is inconvenient for them, threatening the way they live. Whatever. God won't force Himself on us. It's called free will. But the people that God touched has a responsibility to tell others their testimony. Because people may push God away, but they can't deny a change in a person.

Our lives are pretty much undeniable. Especially today, we are constantly recorded, displayed, blogged, tweeted, instagramed, and status-ed. So any changes that happen to us is also undeniable. Our testimonies can be powerful. When back then, one man can change 10 cities. Today, we can change the world. That's not an exaggeration, either. The distance separating countries and people are not very far anymore. Our reach is wider.

I'm re-watching "Joan of Arcadia" and just finished an episode that talked about the ripples that people leave behind. Our ripples can affect so many people. What kind of ripples are you creating?

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