Monday, May 20, 2013

He called me Auntie

My friend comes up to me and tells me that one of the youth called me Auntie.

In the Filipino culture, you have a lot of aunties and uncles. They don't have to be your blood relative. They just have to be significantly older than you. Most likely your parents' friends.

When did I become an Auntie?!?!

Most of the youth call me "ate" (ah-teh) or older sister because we grew up together. I knew many of them when they were barely 5 years old. They were, as it turns out, my Sunday School kids...and many of them are now my Children's Ministry leaders.

But there's a wave of new youth coming in the church. We haven't known each other long, and I'm only in their peripheral vision. I'm the children's ministry director that's always painting, cleaning, and organizing the children's room during Youth Nights. I'm the person they go to if they want to help out in Sunday School. I'm Brian's oldest sister.

Alright, so they may not know me well, but Auntie??? As if!

I scoff.

I recoil.

I deny.

So what if the Auntie-caller is 11-12 years my junior?
I'm still young. I'm down with it. Know what I mean? So quit icing my grill. Aiight?

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