Friday, May 10, 2013

Do What We Do Best

Sunday is Mother's Day. In our kidmin, this is what happens on special occasions like the one this Sunday.

I delegate (or draw from a hat, more fun that way) a leader to be in charge of the day. That leader has specific responsibilities, which have changed over time. So let's go back a ways.

Many years ago in our church, different ministries would work together to make that special day special. For example, the children, the youth, and the men would work together to create a program for Mother's Day.

Then for some unknown reason, the other ministries stopped helping out with the special occasions. It seemed like everyone became very busy. Nobody stepped up, leaving the children's ministry to run things. We had to plan a craft for the kids to make and give to their loved ones, buy flowers or special gift for the loved ones to receive, plan one or two special presentations, and lay out the program, making sure someone is emceeing and someone will lead the church to pray over the loved ones.

We did this for years. And year after year, I would delegate two kidmin leaders to plan that special occasion but it's all hands on deck because there's so much to do. All the time, we're rushing to help the kids finish their crafts because they're going to present it. All the time, we're "late" in starting the special program because we're all in Sunday School getting everything done. All the time, we have a lot of mess and some confusion.

So finally, I brought it up to our senior pastor. I don't like bringing up problems/concerns without giving one possible solution. I divided the special occasions between the different ministries. I put the men's ministry in charge of Mother's Day. The women's ministry in charge of Father's Day. The kidmin and youth ministry in charge of Grandparents' Day. The youth ministry in charge of Easter (because they can put on skits better and the kids have a special Easter Sunday School). The kidmin in charge of Thanksgiving (because the youth were in charge of Easter). And yay! The senior pastor agreed.

It went well for a couple of years or so. Recently nobody's really been planning the special occasions, and some other church leaders are asking me about the plans.

See, our kidmin still prepares a special craft for the kids to make and give to their loved ones. But they give it on their own time for reasons of time and because not every kid's mother goes to church and not every mom's kid goes to church.

Anyway, the craft and any applicable lesson is what my delegated leader is responsible of. He or she plans and executes the craft for the kids to make. We all help out in any way we can (like setting up, helping kids, cleaning up), but that leader is in charge. He or she tells us what needs to be done and how to make the craft. If there are materials needed that we don't have, that leader either buys it (saves receipt for reimbursement) or tells me to go buy it (and I save the receipt). BTW, I love delegation in the ministry.

But that's all we do. We don't plan presentations, buy gifts/flowers, emcee, or lead the church prayer.
We just do what we do best.
We work with the children.

And we love it. Nobody's stressed. Nobody's rushing. Nobody's late. And most of all, the kids are not short-changed because all our efforts are focused on them. Sure it's a loved one's special day, but we're able to teach the kids why it's good and Biblical to honor that loved one.

I usually have a hard time finding my backbone. But I found that I stand up for this because I need to. If I don't, my leaders (all volunteers) would be stressed out and our kids won't get our best efforts.

I do wonder how other churches handle special occasion days. I love the performing arts and I want our kidmin to get all creative, sharing their talents to bless others. Just not at the cost of all of our sanity.

Anyway, happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! We do love you even if we don't plan the special presentation.

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