Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Book 9: "The Amazing Secret"

Book 9 (of 26): The Amazing Secret
Authors: Joni Eareckson Tada & Steve Jensen
Copyright: 2000, Crossway Books

The very first thing I would tell you about reading The Amazing Secret is that it made me cry...a few times. It's the story about Darcy. She's a paraplegic and stuck in the hospital because of a pressure sore. She meets a boy named Eric, who was different in a good way. He ultimately helps her, and by the time she goes home from the hospital, she's on a mission to help a very specific person. But she has to find him first.

The first great aspect about this book is that the heroine has a disability. She's in the hospital to heal from a physical pain, but she has some internal healing to do too.

This is a Christian fiction story. The characters are distinct and presented well. You see how human they are, which I liked because your faith - whatever faith it is - doesn't make you perfect. And we see a lot of Darcy's growth in this story.

So yes, this book made me cry several times. There were very touching and poignant times heart-breaking. I tear as I remember.

Anyway, I predicted where the book was going and the outcome of Darcy's mission, but upon reflection, I don't think it was actually predictable. It's just a me-thing from having a lot of different plots in my head (from books, movies, and TV shows). I think the end would be a twist for readers. It's not quite all tied up with a bow. I don't like loose endings, and I could see how this book can have a very loose end for young readers. The outcome of Darcy's mission could raise questions, but it's a good talking point between kids and adults...if it happens.

This book actually has a lot of good talking points or discussion moments that will make kids think about their own faith, how they treat others, how they treat people with disabilities, and how they handle internal struggles. But again, this is only a positive thing if a discussion will actually happen.

I think The Amazing Secret is a good read to open kids eyes about other kids with disabilities. But a word of caution. The things that made me cry were very real-life scenarios that many kids have faced, but not all kids have faced. This book is a good opportunity for parents to have some talks with their kids.

In other news, I'm catching up on my reading :-) Although, I feel like it's a bit of a cheat because they're kids books and I devour them in a couple of hours. Hopefully, I can make up for it by exceeding my goal of 26 books in a year. Or actually getting past my writer's block trench that I'm having a hard time climbing out of.

The Amazing Secret (Darcy and Friends, No. 1)

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