Monday, May 13, 2013

Book 8: "The Fairy Rebel"

Book 8 (of 26): The Fairy Rebel
Author: Lynne Reid Banks
Illustrated by: William Geldart
Copyright: 1985, Delacorte Press

The book belongs to my sister. She searched for it and bought it. For her, it was one of those stories that stick with you, you can't get it out of your mind, and you just have to read it again. It's a very easy read so she lent it to me when I told her I needed to read more children's books. She didn't even realize it's older than her.

The Fairy Rebel really was an easy read. It was entertaining, written in a storytelling way that would make this a fun read-out-loud. The illustrations were also wonderfully artistic.

It's about a fairy named Tiki and her forbidden friendship with a human woman named Jan. Tiki's rebellious to begin with, wearing jeans and all. But when she finds out that Jan's lonely and sad because she can't have children, Tiki devices a way to make her friend's greatest dream come true. But doing so pits her against the evil fairy Queen.

There were many humorous moments in the story, much of it from Banks' descriptions.

Jan loved tress. She also loved sweet things to eat. She loved them too much in a way, because now that she couldn't get much exercise, she began to put on weight. Soon, instead of being slim, she was rather roly-poly.

Although, there were times when I couldn't follow her descriptions, Banks was overall funny and imaginative in weaving together a fantastical world of gnomes, elves, and fairies. And her scarier scenes actually scared me. They pumped a sense of danger, thrill, and the right amount of evil for readers to take the Queen seriously.

The Fairy Rebel is a recommended read. It will engage imaginations.

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