Friday, May 17, 2013

Book 10: "Really No Big Deal"

Book 10 (of 26): Really No Big Deal
Author: Margaret Bechard
Copyright: 1994, Viking (Penguin Books division)

What I liked most about Really No Big Deal was how it captured the internal and external awkwardness of adolescence.

I bought this book from the local library because the protagonist was a boy, Jonah, who not only has to navigate his way through puberty but also the fact that his mom is dating his school principal. It was bound to be a funny read.

And it was. I did read it a bit more academically though, because I wanted to see how Bechard captured the adolescent boy. And how I could incorporate her techniques in my own writing. I think she did it well, from the well placed descriptions of Jonah's cracking voice to awkward first kisses.

I'm not a big fan of the ending. It was a snapshot of reality instead of a happily ever after. Snapshots of reality are like open endings. You are left feeling that life is going to go on for the characters and that perhaps there's a second book or maybe a series. There's maybe one or two tiny loose ends that won't bug you, but instead remind you what life is like. Maybe leave you wondering and imagining. Happy ever afters tie everything together and leave you feeling good about the story.

So I like happy ever afters. But I've ended some of my own stories with snapshots of reality. I think I'm going to stop doing that :-)

Really No Big Deal

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