Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Sunday School Tip: Throw Leftovers Away

So I have a sore throat that's threatening to grow into a cold. I'm blasting my body with Theraflu, cold medicine, tea, and this homemade brew my aunt calls HalleLUYA (luya is the Tagalog for ginger). This homemade remedy actually works. I've tried it before. But it invokes my gag reflex. I don't like ginger, and ginger is the main ingredient, pulp and all. *Shiver*

Anyway, I figured out how I got sick. It's totally my fault. Bottom line, I drank the leftover water of one of my Preschool kiddies who was coughing (dry cough = sick cough). Come Monday morning and voila! Sore throat for Ms. Angela.

I heard her cough too! But she's one of my "quiet" kids and she was so subtle about it that it flew right out of my head. I didn't want to throw away her cup in our tiny waste basket when it was half-full of water so I just drank it.

So Sunday School Tip: throw leftovers away even if you don't want to waste food or drink.
It's a little funny because I'm alert of what the kids might contract from each other or from me that I didn't think about what I might contract from them. Lesson learned.

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