Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Book 5: "The Magnificent 12: The Call"

I actually read a middle grade book and a short story. But I've decided not to count the short story. It feels like cheating if I did!

Book 5 (of 26): The Magnificent 12: The Call
Author: Michael Grant
Copyright: 2010, HarperCollins Publishers

The Magnificent 12: The Call is Book One of a series. I believe books 2 and 3 are out. This was a fast read because it's hilarious and fast-paced. Full of action and great descriptions. Grant's writing style for this book isn't new, but it took a little getting used to because I haven't read a book in the same style in a while. It's a storytelling writing style where Grant directly talks to the reader in many parts. Then, it also jumps between two story lines and point of views. So younger kids might enjoy the adventure in this book, but the reading comprehension level for this book would suit middle grade readers. I'm left hanging though. The book ends when the protagonist's journey was just getting good. So I didn't bother reading the bonus material, which contains the first 2 chapters of the book 2. On the Nook store, book 2 is selling for $4.change and book 3 is selling for $10.change. The story was less than 160 pages. I don't know how long the other books are, but if they're around the same page, I wouldn't want to pay $10. That's just me. Budget's tight and I've got other books I can read. This was a free read, btw.

Short story: Freaks
Author: Tess Gerritsen
Copyright: 2010, published by Ballantine

Freaks was less than 26 pages. Short, fast, and easy ready. Good read, but I may be biased. I love watching Rizzoli & Isles. This is a free read so check it out. There's a good tiny twist, and the answer to the crime isn't what you might think.

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