Saturday, February 16, 2013

Book 4: "I Blew It!"

Book 4 (of 26): I Blew It! The biggest mistakes I've made in kids' ministry...and how you can avoid them
Author: Brian Dollar
Copyright: 2012, published by Influence Resources

I Blew It! by Brian Dollar was a great read! It was very informative with an easy flow. His topics, subtopics, and tips were cleanly laid out. His stories are both funny and cringe-worthy. At times I felt pain on his behalf, but mostly I was nodding along. I related with a lot of the things he brought up. I recognized some of the lessons I've learned, am learning, and should learn.

One of aspects of the book that I liked a lot were the end-of-the-chapter questions that prompt readers to think, reflect, and pray. Those helped me not just read the book but soak in the words and the lessons. They gave me time to reflect on what God was impressing in my heart through the book.

The entire book was insightful and educational. One of the lessons that stood out to me was that not all great ideas are God ideas. We always ask God to bless our plans, but we need to ask Him more about His plans and His steps to reach those plans. If we think our ideas are great, how much more awesome are His?

Another lesson that stood out was to crowd out your fears. Our minds can get bogged down with thoughts of fear, apprehension, and doubt. We need to crowd it out by filling our minds with things that are of God, the things from Philippians 4:8. I never thought about it that way. Crowd out your fears.

My favorite quote would have to be, "He assures us that no pain is ever wasted" (p 139). Anyone who's gone through pain wouldn't want it to be for nothing. It's a great reminder that God can use the bad stuff for good.

This is a great resource for those in the children's ministry, but it's a good book to read for anyone in the ministry or anyone thinking of going into the ministry. I highly recommend it!

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