Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book 2 Part 2: "A Spy Among the Girls"

Book 2: A Spy Among the Girls
Author: Phyllis Reynolds Naylor
Copyright: 2000
Valentine's Day is coming up, and love is in the air for Beth Mlloy and Josh Hatford. When they're spotted holding hands, Josh tells his teasing brothers that he's simply spying on the girls to see what they're plotting next. 
At the same time, Caroline Malloy, the family actress, decides she must know what it's like to fall in love. Poor Wally Hatford is in for it when she chooses him as the object of her affection! 
As for big sister Eddie, she couldn't care less about that mushy stuff. All she's interested in is her sixth-grade science fair project. But when she comes up with a great plan, Josh and Jake Hatford horn in on it. On the day the plan goes into action, little do the boys know that Eddie has a trick up her sleeve. And little does anyone know that daredevil Caroline is about to pull an amazing attention-getting stunt. Get ready - the Hatfords and the Malloys are at it again!

This was a quick read since it was a children's book from the perspectives of fourth graders Caroline Malloy and Wally Hatford. Like the synopsis suggests, there are multiple story lines in this book. Though, from the title, it seems as if the main story line belongs to Beth and Josh, it doesn't read that way. Instead, I felt like I spent a week in the lives of these children, who has so many things going on, you just kind of have to hang on for the ride. I felt like their parents, a little confused and a little fed up, wanting to know more and wanting to just live through it. I felt like there were many parts of the story that could have been developed further, but for a book for kids, I think it's just right. It's mostly fast-paced and very funny.

On a sad note, a few pages were missing from this particular book that I borrowed from the library. They were taken out so completely that there were no torn paper from the spine. I just wish that people would better take care of the things they borrow.

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