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Book 1 Part 2: "101 Ways to Help Your Daughter Love Her Body"

Finished! Yes!

"101 Ways to Help Your Daughter Love Her Body"
by Brenda Lane Richardson & Elane Rehr
Copyright: 2001

This was a good read with many great ideas. The biggest downside is it has a lot of outdated references and trends because it was written more than a decade ago, but for the most part, this book covered topics that are still relevant and will continue to be relevant.

If I could boil this book down into a few words, I would say that it provides suggestions on how to raise healthy and strong daughters (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually). The 101 ways were divided into different sections which made reading them easier to digest and understand. There was a good section for fathers and other sections on emotional health, acceptance of her body, body image, eating healthy, safety issues, and much more.

I was very happy with the section Safety Issues because it covered suggestions on how to keep daughters from physical harm.  One suggestion was to teach daughters how to spot dangerous boys, and teach them that lewd behaviors are not acceptable even if her peers think it's just teasing. I remember being adamant about this early on even before I caught the Law & Order: SVU bug. A great suggestion was to enroll daughters in self-defense classes. I think all women should learn at least some basic self-defense moves.

From the 101 ways, here are the ones that stood out the most to me:
#1 Learn baby massage
#46 Send her to school with a blush bag - This is a great idea! It's basically a makeup bag with emergency essentials like: sanitary napkins, concealer, safety pins, mints, etc.
#79 Support her in caring for all her skin, create a bath-time tension reliever - this is a tip within the suggestion, "Have her drizzle a few drops of an aromatic oil on a hot, wet washcloth, close her eyes, and place it over her face for a few seconds."
Genius! This is a great tip for all women. It's a quick way to indulge yourself in the shower. I've been looking for aromatic or essential oils these past few days, and I found the ones I want from Bath & Body Works. They sell massage oils for $16 per 4 fl oz. bottle. It's part of their aromatherapy line, and they have a variety. They are not pure oils, but I think they will work great. I'm looking to get their Lavender Vanilla (Sleep), Vanilla Verbena (Stress Relief), and Black Currant Vanilla (Sensual). I'll post reviews if I get around to buying them. Check them out at Bath and Body Works or look at the links at the end of this post for some massage oils you can buy online.

From the 101 ways, here are some that I don't really agree with:
#8 Turn fairy-tale victims into self-rescuers - I'm reminded of that scene in "Enchanted" when Robert gives his daughter, Morgan, a book about strong women in history. I love fairy tales, damsels in distresses, prince charmings, and happily-ever-afters. I wouldn't want to change those stories. Instead, I would introduce both kinds of books. Mix the princess books with the women of history books.
#84 Hang up a health bulletin board - It sounds like clutter that nobody will look at. If something truly stood out, then on the fridge it goes or Pinterest or FB wall.

Overall, this was a good book. It gave me personal insight to myself, and gave me a lot of ideas.

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