Saturday, December 01, 2012

Influenster College VoxBox 2012 Review

I received my first Influenster VoxBox! It's the College VoxBox 2012. Watch my box opening here:

Here are the items I received:

ImPress Press-On Manicure: $5.99 for colors, $7.99 for patterns
NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner pencil: $2.49
Necco Tropical Wafers: $1.25 ea, $24/box, $37.5/tub
Pentel EnerGel-X Campaign: $1.90
Energy Sheets: $5.95/pack of 10

And my review:

ImPress Press-On Manicure
These press on nails were fast and easy to use. I understand why they were included in the College VoxBox. For college students who are always on the go, these nails are great. ImPress have several cute designs. I received a french tip with flowers design. I thought they were super cute and tried them on right away.

Sadly, first impression was to take them off right away because they were long. I would have trimmed them, but that means cutting off the main design and I didn't want to do that. In general, they're not that long. I have friends with natural nails that are the same length. However, I've always had short nails because I played the piano when I was younger and have gotten used to it. But now, short nails are better for me because I knit, I'm always typing/writing, I cook dinner 2x a week, and I work with kids (long nails can be a hazard to you and the kids). I'm not sure how well these ImPress press-on manicure will look if they were cut and trimmed, but it sucks that I can't even try if I want to keep the design.

After 24 hours, the edges of these press-on nails start lifting. It wasn't enough for them to fall off, but it was enough for my hair to get trapped! That was an annoying shower. I did take them off after 2 days because my fingertips started to hurt. I think it was because of the length. I don't know. I think if these are shorter, they would be perfect.

NYC New York Color Show Time Glitter Eyeliner Pencil
I received one in 944 Show Time Black. My first impression was that it was creamy and glittery. It glides on well. It would be a perfect eyeliner for the holidays.

However, it quickly smudged. I have super oily eyelids, and this didn't last 2 hours on my lids by themselves. Of course, regularly I have eyelid primer and shadow that help my eyeliners stay on longer. This eyeliner still smudged but not as much, so I count it a great liner. By the way, even though the black smudged, the glitter stayed!

Necco Tropical Wafers
The flavors are: Coconut, Passion fruit, Strawberry, Lime, Banana, and Mango. The first one I tried was Coconut, and it reminded me of a candy I used to eat when I was a little girl in the Philippines. A little nostalgic so I liked it. But then I tried the other flavors, and so did my brother. They were chalky candy and tasted like chemicals. They were gross. Sad to say because they would have been great candy to stick in my backpack and sneak in class for when I need a sugar boost. But they're just not delicious.

Pentel EnergGel-X Campaign
I received the Pentel RSVP pen in black, fine. It's a cap pen with a grip. It handles nicely, and writes smoothly. It's not as black as I would like, nor as inky or as gel-y. But good pen anyway.

Energy Sheets
I tried one in the video and it would have been 30 minutes to an hour later when I felt a surge of energy coursing through my veins. It's more subtle than when I drink coffee, but I felt it nonetheless. So it works. But my reaction in the video was genuine. It clumped up in my mouth and felt like I was eating rubber band. It was extremely minty.

So there were good and bad items in the College VoxBox. Overall, I'm excited to be participating in an Influenster VoxBox. I can definitely see every item in the box being used by college students.

*I received the College VoxBox 2012 from Influenster for free by signing up and participating in These reviews and opinions are mine and completely true to how I feel.

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