Monday, October 22, 2012

What do you want to be when you grow up?

"What do you want to be when you grow up?" asked one of my kidmin kids.
"She's already grown up," replied my sister.
At the same time I said, "I'm already grown up."
"What do you want to do for a job?" asked the kid.
"Burn," whispered my brother.

Ha. Ha. Ha. Like many twentysomethings, I don't like being asked, "So what are you doing now?" or any variation of that question, like "Where do you work?" First, it's gotten so bad that even Mr. President have mentioned the problem of more and more college graduates unable to find jobs. But I did graduate 4 years second, I'm back in school. I found out that I'm 2 classes away from an A.A. in Psychology. Maybe, perhaps, and God-willing, I can land a huge scholarship that will pay for a graduate degree in Psych...and that I can actually get into a graduate program with just an A.A. in Psych and a B.A. in Church Leadership. I've read that many people do go into graduate studies in Psych with a bachelors in a different field. So there it is. I'm flowing with the Holy ;-P because He made a way so that I'm not paying for school, my schedule is open, and that a counselor found a way to save me from taking a 3rd class. And if He's aligning things that way, I don't have to see the complete picture. I just need to take the next step. Admittedly, it's a little exciting how the ministry and psychology can tie into each other.

It is a burn though, like my brother joked about, not to have an definite answer to the job question. My friends can say nurse, accountant, or teacher. Me? This is literally what I end up saying, "I work for the church and I'm doing some writing." My bff, God bless her, tells me, "You're a writer" and she tells other people that she knows a writer. And I am, but writers - this one included - have the hardest time validating themselves until we've been published. Thing is, I've been published. Like, "legit, they paid me and I have copies of the publication" published. But that was years and years ago. I just read a post or newsletter or something (I should find it) about how writers need to see and treat themselves as people in the Business of Writing. I'm not just writing; writing is my business. Easier said than done, just like the writing itself.

Well that's what happened after church, during the potbless dinner, when people had time to chit-chat. They ask you questions you don't want to answer, like the second most asked question I've been getting lately, "When are you getting married?" In God's perfect timing, but really people, being single is not something to fix, and that's a whole other blog post.

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