Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Michael Clarke Duncan died at 54

Michael Clarke Duncan, best known for his role in "The Green Mile," died at age 54 in a Los Angeles hospital. He suffered from a heart attack in July and never fully recovered. He's most recently seen playing Leo Knox in Fox Network's "The Finder." SADLY, Fox cancelled the show, along with "Alcatraz."

"The Finder" was one my favorite shows. It spun off "Bones," and is about Walter (Geoff Stults), an eccentric Iraq war vet who can find anything because of a brain injury that helps him see connections others can't. Leo is his legal adviser, muscle and finance man. He also owns the Ends of the Earth bar where he has many chalkboard debates with Walter. Rounding out the cast includes Mercedes Masohn as Isabel Zambada and Maddie Hasson as Willa Monday, a teenage gypsy under Leo's care.

Duncan was great as Leo Knox. He is the lovable giant. Intimidating with the don't-mess-with-me stare, the bulging muscles, and the deep commanding voice to boot. But then he smiles and the whole scene lights up.

I'm ticked that Fox cancelled "The Finder." It was interesting and quirky. It was also pretty clean but not squeaky. Funny but with enough drama. Good plot twists, not too far-reaching, but not too predictable either. And with me, that's important because I've watched enough crime shows, read enough Nancy Drews, and seen enough movies to correctly guess what happens next. Surprising me doesn't come easily.

The characters in "The Finder" also all had great back stories: a shark lawyer turned bar owner, a teenage gypsy on the brink of marriage to a boy in love with someone else, and a US Marshall love interest for an Iraq war vet with a brain injury who could die or go crazy if he stops looking before he finds something he started looking for. C'mon!!!

There are a lot of unresolved story lines, and it's frustrating for a network to cancel a show because of ratings, which doesn't include the number of people who watch the show by other means, like DVR or online. Granted, watching it through illegal streaming won't count the views, but watching it through Hulu or the network's own website should be accounted for.

Fox also cancelled "Alcatraz," yet another interesting show with unresolved story lines. Fox can't seem to see the great shows they have. I don't know how "The Finder" will be like without Michael Clarke Duncan, but we'll never know unless another network picks it up. Here's to hoping.

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