Friday, August 31, 2012

Married to Jonas

I've been watching "Married to Jonas" and I admit it's a guilty pleasure. I don't really like couple reality tv shows, but this one is funny and adorable. So we know the Jonases are Christians (AG background), and the 2nd episode gave us an inside look into their Sunday morning. Dani was running late because she couldn't find an outfit for church. Kevin was annoyed because they were late to church again. But they both talked about how important religion is to their lives (I got the feeling that they meant faith, instead of religion as in the works...anyway). Kevin said something that got to me. He said going to church is a sacrifice. I totally disagree.

I don't think going to church should be a sacrifice. I don't think that is a healthy outlook. When something is a sacrifice, it's a hardship and it's something that you might come to hate doing. I've never felt going to church was a sacrifice. I like going to church. There were times when I didn't want to go. There were times I made myself go. There were times when I didn't even like the people or the church itself. But all in all, I like going to church.

I think about the NT believers and I know I would love to just sit in their fellowships and see what it was like for them. Were they excited every time they received a letter from Paul or Peter? How hungry were they for God's Word, delivered through the people who met and lived with Jesus?

Anyway, it was fun to see their Sunday and compare it with mine. They would have brunch, but our service is in the afternoon so no brunch. But I do remember when it was in the late morning and my family (with two other families) would go to Costco for lunch afterwards! Makes me want a chicken bake just thinking about it.

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