Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hey nomad, what kind of traveler are you?

At Zion National Park,
Riverside Walk
I absolutely love to travel, but it pays to know what kind of traveler you are. Found this quiz on and they say I'm a Centric-Venturer, which puts me with the masses. I am "more flexible and adaptable." I could also...

"enjoy a cruise in the Greek Isles, a car trip through gold mining ghost towns in California, or a shopping spree in New York City equally well. You will probably return to a place that you particularly like every two to four years, interspersing other new destinations (for you) in between. In some respects, you can have the most satisfying travel experiences because of your ability to absorb, and like, such different types of places. If you follow the typical pattern for your personality, you travel both independently (probably with a spouse or a friend) and occasionally take a fully escorted tour."

And I'm apparently very important to the travel industry. Well, I'll be very happy to travel for them in return for an honest review. Haha!

Anyway, I thought the quiz result interesting. And true, I suppose. Because I'm down for a hike on my vacation, but I'm also down to just sight-see. But knowing myself, I prefer the latter. When I hike, I go super slow because I lug everything with me and because I have asthma. So, my backpack has: my DSLR camera, my inhaler, lots of water, a small tube of sunblock, a few emergency items (like a tampon and bandaids), extra clothes if needed (like when I thought I would wade the opening of The Narrows...I didn't), and maybe a sketchbook and pencil/pen.

I have this thing of wanting to document everything in my travels, and this anxiety of missing out on something. I keep thinking about the time when I went to Canada and refused to cross the Capilano Bridge because it was swinging like crazy and scared me stiff. If or when I go back there, would I cross the bridge? I honestly don't know, but the idea of missed opportunities haunts me. That point in time is what makes me raise my hands and say, "I'll do it!" And it's paid off. I did it for a some journalism assignments in high school, one that landed our newspaper first place in the article (mine, holla!) and layout. I've done it when it comes to cruise excursions (ATV off-roading), trying new food (escargo, anyone?), and take classes in college I have reservations about (like ballet).

But it's made me push my body too. Not always a good thing. Before Zion, I hiked to Vernon Falls in Yosemite, without realizing what I'm going up against. It's not a bad hike, unless you've never hiked before! My lungs were burning like crazy! My emergency inhaler could not keep up. My brother was carrying the backpack with my water and inhaler in it, and he kept leaving me behind. So mean. Haha.

So I'll do some physical adventures while traveling, but I'm always consciously assessing my body. When I did the off road ATV excursion in Mexico, I was checking and rechecking my lungs. Even though they gave us bandanas and goggles for our faces, I had to be more careful than others.

At the Las Vegas Bellagio Conservatory
and Botanical Gardens.
My kind of vacation is easy and laid-back. I like experiencing different cultures and I'm not afraid to go off the beaten track. But I also like being the tourist. What is it that many city natives say? Things like they've lived in New York for # years now and never visited the Statue of Liberty, or have been in France for # years but haven't gone to the Eiffel Tower. I read this article about this traveler who looked down on the tourist tours, preferring to go where the locals are, until he took one such tour and learned so much about the city's history. I like that. My ideal vacation is to have some time doing the touristy thing, and more time exploring on my own.

Checked off my new year's resolution to visit a US state I've never visited before. Utah!

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