Sunday, August 12, 2012

God was a white man

In one of my most recent dreams - and my dreams are weird - God was a white man. Short too, I'm 5'2" and I came up to his neck/chin. Blonde hair, possible blue eyes. But let me back track. Here's what happened in my weird, weird, weird dream.

I was flying with God, except it felt like He was an eagle and I was just along for the ride in His talons. :-/

God was soaring over the earth and I was along for the ride. We came upon a mountain range and I watched God carve the Grand Canyon. Then we landed and I had a mission.

An Ursula-like evil woman (yes, Ursula from the Little Mermaid) was turning the people into puppies. I had to turn them back by giving them the antidote. Unfortunately for me, the evil lady magically took the antidote into her body. God gave me a silver injector needle that allowed me to draw out the antidote from the evil lady, but I had to catch her first.

Chasing ensues. Every time I successfully withdrew the antidote and injected it into a puppy or let a puppy lick a drop of the antidote off the needle, the evil lady would escape and laugh. The antidote would run out and I have to give chase again. But she turned more people into puppies faster than I could catch her and turn them back.

Then, while I was chasing her, I saw inside a container of some sort with all these puppy-turned humans. They were trapped and whimpering. I tried to give the puppies a drop each of the antidote, but it was running out fast. The evil lady laughed and said, "You'll never turn all of them back!"

"Oh yeah?" I challenged. Then I motioned at God and the antidote. "Well, He can multiply this!"

I turned to God and said, "You can multiply this, right? 'Cause I'm getting tired of poking holes at the fat lady."

God laughed, multiplied the antidote, and all the puppies turned back into humans. Then the evil lady was defeated and disappeared into death. Everyone rejoiced because they weren't puppies anymore.

I turned to give God a hug and tearfully said goodbye. "I'll never see you again, will I?"

"That's up to you," He said.

Dream ends.

First of all, turning people into puppies? That's straight from a book I read way back in middle school.

Second, what did I eat or watch the night before to make me have such a weird dream??? Weird, even for my standards. Hahaha!

And third, I never would have pictured God as a white man that looked like He just stepped out of the tennis courts of an expensive country club. But seriously, He was wearing the white polo and white bermuda shorts outfit. But He was really nice, and He had my back the whole time, giving me courage to keep fighting. Because of Him, I knew that I was the one person the evil lady can't turn into a puppy. And when I got tired, He was there. To save everyone, to back up my claim, and grant my request.

I believe in a very powerful and personal God. And even though this dream was so wacky it's wonky, it reminded me that the God I believe in is right beside me. He carries me on His wings. He shows me His wonders. He gave me a mission aka there's a purpose for my life. As I live my purpose, God is right there beside me, giving me the courage to keep fighting, and giving me the knowledge that the enemy cannot touch me. And when I'm tired or fed up, He's right there to help me out. Plus, He's nice, He's got a sense of humor, and if I need Him again, it's up to me to turn to Him.

Now, can I just say, that if God was trying to send me a message...message received. And how creatively sent too!

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