Saturday, July 14, 2012

Mr. Hall, I was surfing the crimson wave

Our VBS ended this week, but we had the lowest attendance we've ever had so I extended it. We'll be doing a modified VBS for the next 3 Sundays of this month. Songs and crafts for the full 2 hours of church. I hope it won't be too crazy because I can't do any more crazy.

I'm exhausted, bloated, and crummy. I've been having headaches, neck muscle spasms, and cramps. I have heat rash on my neck. I'm a lesson straight out of VBS. God has power over our circumstances. But sometimes it's really hard to see past the grime. Sometimes I wonder if Daniel, when thrown into the lion's den, ever - even for a second - said, "Oh crud, oh crud, oh crud! It's a lion!"

I missed the church picnic today because "I was surfing the crimson wave" (props if you know the movie) like crazy, and I was nauseous half the time. That and everything else feels like a lion's den, and I want to say, "Eh" to it all. Forget any big plans and just let things go back to the way they were. But there's this nagging little thing - yeah, you know who - that shows you there's a way so you keep going no matter how ucky you feel. And perhaps, that is how Daniel felt. Oh crud, it's a lion. I'm off to see my Maker, and I'm good with that. But wait, they're not biting. I'll live, and probably have a story to tell my grandkids.

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