Tuesday, July 03, 2012

"The Listener"

I've been catching up on "The Listener" and I'm in like. It's a Canadian sci-fi tv series that I remember airing years ago before it disappeared (seemingly). Turns out, NBC dropped it part way through the first season because of low ratings. The first season aired 2009. Then it was gone for a year. The second season aired 2011, and the third this past May. I am supposing that with the strength of "Heroes" (2006 - 2010), viewers didn't give "The Listener" much of a fighting chance. And I do have to admit that it's less exciting, but much more realistic.

Toby Logan seemingly have a normal life as a 28-yr-old paramedic. He's a telepath, and only a handful of people know. One of them is his confidant, Dr. Ray Mercer. His dead/missing mother knows, and so do some bad people from his half-forgotten past. Soon, he tells his paramedic partner & best friend. Then he'd get involved with cops and soon lets a few other people in on the secret. He uses his ability to help people.

The realism is one of the things that draws me in this show. It's easy to picture the scenarios. If you were telepathic, chances are there are bad people who would want to use you for their own gain. Chances are, you would try to keep your ability a secret. And if you're just the least bit of a generally nice person, chances are, you would try to use your ability to help others. And if you're a young 28-year-old telepath, chances are, like Toby, you'd also use your ability to sometimes spy in on the thoughts of your friends or love interests. Or to earn money.

If people were to suddenly develop superhuman abilities, I think telepathy would be one of the firsts abilities to emerge. Anything mental. There are people who already claim to be psychic, or to have esp (extrasensory perception), or to see visions. I would want to have omni-linguism, the ability to understand any form of language, like Cypher (Marvel Comics) or Wonder Woman (who can speak to animals...though I wouldn't really want to talk to animals). But if I could have any power, it would be teleportation. I can travel anywhere I want without the cost and time!

If only.

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