Saturday, March 03, 2012

Nail Art: The Lorax

I am soooo tired from doing my nails and I can't even take a decent picture of them. My wrists are all twisted up. Plus, it's 3 AM and I can't sleep because the nails are not completely dry. My nails were Truffula trees yesterday but I found a tutorial on YouTube (below) so I took off my first design and tried to follow the tutorial because I liked it better. But it took longer than 2 movies combined to complete mainly because my nails are short and I had the hardest time working on them. And I don't have a lot of colors, especially a solid orange and yellow (I didn't want to use acrylic paint like the tutorial called for). I don't have a lot of pastels either. I really wanted a pastel purple. Anyway, when I finished my nails, I realized that I didn't like how the Truffula trees looked. I rounded them out more over the top coat. So I had to put top coat again. My nails feel bulky and I haven't even cleaned the edges. And I really am tired but I don't want to wake up with ruined nails because I slept when they're not completely dry yet. Ay nako. So much work. They better last until at least Sunday. They're so cute. But I definitely need more practice. Haha.

I really want the 2 Truffula trees on one nail look, but I can't stand long nails. I cut them just yesterday too. I couldn't get used to them when I was taking piano lessons for years, then got used to them after I stopped, but now can't get used to them anymore.

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