Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day and Thank You

Valentine's Day is about love, right? So sensationalized as the holiday of romance, I never thought it a day about any other kind of love but romantic love. Yet the history of this day, though murky and unproven, usually tells the story of a priest named Valentine. He either secretly married young lovers, defying Emperor Claudius' order that young men may not marry, or he helped Christians escape harsh Roman prisons. Or while he himself was imprisoned, wrote a letter to his own love and signed it "From Your Valentine." So maybe there are aspects of romance in the history of Valentine's Day, but if the accounts of Valentine's actions are true, his actions with marrying young lovers or helping Christians escape didn't really have anything to do with romance. Rather, they were acts of love from one person to another.

So on that note, I would like to thank my church, kidmin teachers, and Kingdom Kids kids for the appreciation cards and gifts. It is honestly hard to be in kidmin sometimes, especially when you can't seem to reach any results or when you blend so much into the background, you forget your own existence. And it's easy to say, "It's okay" because we don't do this to elevate ourselves. It's true, we don't, but it's not okay. I've been volunteering in different places since 6th grade and I've been leading a team of volunteers for years. Although we don't peel off crayon papers for ourselves, or clean potties when kids miss for ourselves, or collect toilet paper rolls, spend our own money for stickers, tote around wipes, keep track of food allergies, simplify Bible language, and pray, pray, pray for ourselves, it's still nice to be appreciated. And I truly appreciate my kidmin team for their support and hard work, and I thank you for your appreciation too.

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