Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Year's Resolution 2012

Happy New Year! Here are my new year's resolutions.

1. Visit a US State I've never visited before (stop-overs don't count).
2. Get down to the business of writing.

Question. Am I the only one who likes the plastic bag ban?
There are inconveniences, true. But I see this ban as a good thing for the long run. And the short run. It was really windy recently. With my sister driving, I was able to just look around the city. We passed by this empty lot where a flea market was regularly held. The fence around the lot was littered with so many plastic bags. The wind blew them all in one direction. The fence gathered them all together. It was gross. It wasn't just plastic bags of course, but among the garbage were the plastic bags. In my house, as in many houses, we reuse the bags for garbage can linings and for our guests to stow their take-home food from parties. But we're not all like that. Many people just throw them away, littering our cities and the earth.

When I was a little girl, I liked to go to the market with my Nanay (my grandma). She had a grocery bag she would always take. Not plastic. I think it was woven. Hazy memory, but I do remember knowing she was doing a market run when that bag comes out of the closet. It was my clue. Whatever I was doing, watching tv or playing with my cousins, I stopped. I was probably pesky, but I always tagged along to the market. That bag and I were my Nanay's companion to the market.

So time will tell what this plastic bag ban will result in. I want to believe and do believe it'll be good results. For now, however, it's just the law.

But one law I think is stupid is the child restraint law that raised the age. Children under age 8 must be secured in appropriate child restraint when in a motor vehicle traveling on a highway. It shouldn't be the age. It should be weight and/or height. There are children 8 yrs and younger who are too big for child restraints, while there are those who really need them. Who came up with this law anyway? Aggravated parents on a road trip?

It's really a "one step forward, two steps back" kind of world.

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