Friday, January 27, 2012

Good Bye Chuck, Nerd Herd For Life

I've had serieses end on me, but never with such abandonment issues as I'm having right now with Chuck. Cheesy? Maybe, but I was a fan before the first episode aired, and I've gladly gotten my friends hooked on it. There are many reasons why people love this show. It's well written. Superbly acted. Wonderful costumes and set design. It's comedy. It's action. It's drama. It's romance. And it boils down to family. Chuck's family, the Buy More family, and the Chuck fans family. It is a fan driven show. TV Addict got it right that the fans really kept pushing Chuck and refused to let it go without a proper goodbye. And even then, we didn't want it to end (but it had to).

The series finale was one of the best I've seen. I really feel that they brought us full circle. There is an uncertainty at the end, and I hate uncertainties. It makes me want to demand justice. But, just as the fans (myself included) believed in the show, I believe in the happy ever after.

So today I wore my Nerd Herd shirt. I turned the volume up high. And I watched and said good bye to Chuck. Or rather...until we meet again on the DVDs. NERD HERD FOR LIFE!

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