Sunday, December 04, 2011


People can be amazing in amazingly stupid. Because if it's not stupidity, it's cruelty. Maybe it's both.

My mom lost her cell phone at Chow King. She called Verizon and disabled it right away. Today, she texts me from dad's phone:

Pls go to **** *** ** ** look for m and get my cell bring nanay with u not alone mom

ONE: Who finds a phone and takes it home with them instead of leaving it with the establishment?
TWO: M? Sounds fishy. So does taking a phone home instead of leaving it with the establishment.
THREE: What's nanay gonna do? Protect me???

So I brought Brian and pepper spray.
Don't worry, the bro stayed in the car with instructions to call 911 in case something happens. He's also with my wallet and keys in the ignition. Mr. Pepper Spray was with  me. But M turned out to be an older Filipino man (capable but slow) with a house decked in holiday decor masking the need to repaint the walls and replace the old wooden fence. He was on the driveway doing whatever and the garage door was up, revealing an overly crowded garage very typical of many Filipino houses.

And though I thanked him, his frown and begrudging compliance told me not to be so grateful.

Also today, I went to McDonalds for a hot caramel mocha and it spilled all over me because the employee used a broken cup. There was no way she didn't know she was using a broken cup. The spout on the lid just happened to be placed precisely where the broken part was? Plus, she had to look at the cup and its rim as she was putting the whipped cream on the beverage. The lid doesn't stop the liquid from flowing out of this broken rim. Common sense tells you that.

You know what else common sense tells you?
Leave items you find with the establishment instead of taking it home with you and having to reveal your address to complete strangers. Duh.

"Call me."
"Stalk you."
-Stick It

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