Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Lippy, A Bee, and a Doughnut

That ought to be a book title :-)
This morning when a several wrenches were thrown into my plan for the day, I cried in my sleep. Literally. And what a ding those wrenches made at 7 AM! I went back to sleep & in my dream, I cried. I woke up crying. I'm emo, I know. But I had such a good day planned for myself.

Then a friend texted me, "Happy Thursday! Remember that you can do all things through Christ, who gives you strength."

It was an instant encouragement! But I did think...and tweeted...

I don't want to do ALL things. I want to do some things & people to share in the responsibilities not entirely mine to begin with.

But if I have to do all things, I'm ever thankful that Christ gives me strength.

Then my sister texted me to use her Krispy Kreme Groupon coupon ($8/2 dozen glazed doughnuts).
I found an unused E.L.F. Hypershine [lip] Gloss in my car.
There was a Jollibee right next to the Krispy Kreme store, perfect late lunch.

So I got a lippy, a bee, and a doughnut. And a verse. And I'm relatively happy in a wrench-filled day.

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