Monday, May 16, 2011

A Wagon and A Book

I just felt like I had to put a post. Soooo here's a picture of a wagon from the historical museum!

And I just finished reading "Seasons of the Trail" by Lynn Glaze, Illustrated by Matthew Archambault.
"Summary: In 1860, traveling by wagon train from Missouri to California, fourteen-year-old Lucy finds the discomfort and danger made tolerable by the presence of two handsome twin brothers."

I don't really like historical stories (fiction or otherwise), but for some reason I plucked this book off the library shelf and I enjoyed it! Yes, I read children's books because 1) I intend to write children's books & it's like research and 2) I like children's books. They're fun to read. Hahahaha! No, really, they are.

Anyway, the summary (written above) they had in the copyright page doesn't do the story justice. The story isn't all about Lucy's attraction to the twin brothers, it really is about her journey west. I picked up little tidbits of educational information about that time period from the story. The author doesn't shove it down your throat, which is what turns me off history classes. Come to think of it, I do like history in a way. I enjoy watching "Who Do You Think You Are?" which is about tracing one's ancestors. And I like learning fun tidbits about what people did in history, like buckles on shoes were once the height of fashion circa 17th century and that men were the first to wear high heels (though not as high as we go nowadays). So it's more the memorizing that I don't like.

Whoa, long post. You can get "Seasons of the Trail" through

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