Friday, April 15, 2011

Makeup Review: Victoria Jackson

This is a review of the Victoria Jackson Eye Design Set.

Apparently, some people feel like the Victoria Jackson makeup sales is a scam. Others like the Victoria Jackson makeup line. Most people hear Victoria Jackson and ask, "Who?"
So why a scam? From what I read, there are many reasons. Some claim it's not really made from natural products. Some claim that it's not good quality makeup. Some don't like that it's made from China. Some are just put off because it's being sold either by door to door or through a table set up outside some store. How did I come across it? I plead the 5th.

According to the website, this Set Includes: Luscious Lash Mascara, a portable eye lash curler, two shadows in beautiful beige shimmer and ivory, and two eye liners that can be work wet or dry in brown and black. Three essential eye duo eye brushes are also included to make this set and incredible value.

The brushes are kaput. Don't like them at all. The only one I liked was what they call the "Eyebrow" brush, which is better used as an eyeliner brush. Their "Eyeliner" brush looks like a pointy lip brush. The "Eye Detail" brush is more of an all over shadow brush. It didn't hold its shape while I used it. The "Eye Countour" brush is actually more flat than how the picture portrays it. I didn't include a photo of the "Lash and Eyebrow Comb." The eyebrow comb is stiff. It hurts to use.

The two shadows (beige & ivory) are on the left & right respectively. The two in the middle are their eye liners. I think the brown one can be used as a darker shade. The back of the actual product calls it a "Brown Powder." I do like their black eyeliner. Its consistency is close to MAC's fluidline.On to the swatches!

I usually only go with the Too Faced Shadow Insurance. Based on the swatch, the shadows can be good for a day wear. An eyeshadow base has to be used to intensify the colors. The bare skin swatch looks good, doesn't it? But it can be misleading. I had to use a lot of the shadow, swishing it over and over. I actually did that to all of the swatches, but the most was with the bare skin. It just wouldn't show up right away. Oh and my Nikon D90 tends to make everything look pretty. Hah.

Yes I tried the mascara and I like it a lot! Surprise, surprise. The bristles are not too long or short, so good control. It lengthens to a mile with just 1-2 coats. I put on 3 coats just to test, and it's very light-weight. I don't feel it at all. No smudging either. It didn't curl my lashes, but that's what the eyelash curler is for.

Victoria Jackson Eye Design Set

Retail: $32.95 at
Is it worth it? Well I bought it for $22, and it included: 
Avani Dead Sea Cosmetics Nourishing Body Lotion Relaxing ($54.95 on Amazon)
Victoria Jackson kabuki brush which came in a cute little zip case. You can't buy this at their site, but saw it on sale for $14.70 on eBay, and it seems to be on sale in the UK and UK websites.

I wish the brushes were better. Even the kabuki brush sheds too much. The shadows are okay. I like the eyeliner, the mascara, the eyelash curler with its extra white parts (haha, what's that called?), the kabuki brush pouch, and I like the inside brush pouch/container that attaches via velcro to the pouch itself. The kabuki brush in its small pouch fits inside the main pouch. So except for the Avani lotion, everything in this set + kabuki brush fits in the main pouch approx 7.5" x 3" x 3.25" (LxWxH, handle not measured). And everything came in a clear plastic drawstring bag. So for $22, with a little hesitation, I say...sure, I'll go with it.

*I was not paid anything and did not receive anything for this review.

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