Tuesday, April 05, 2011

The Games Girls Play

Do you remember a time when girls were expected and assumed to be reserved and poised? Today's generation may not, but I do, and I'm not old. I'm not removed from the younger culture, but I do remember. And I remember what was expected and assumed was not always the reality. Girls played a lot of games, sneaky games that hurt other girls. Circles of friends would have cliques. Girls gossiped to bring other girls down or to break up friendships.  And you never speak up about it because many were two-faced. You can't tell on them because nobody would believe you. The girl ruining your life was praised by the adults around you as sweet and incapable of hurting anyone.

"Mean Girls" brought girls' fighting, bullying, and many underlying issues to light. Such a good thing, and such a  quotable movie. Funny movie too, but girls are still playing games. Only it's not so hidden anymore. The mean girl is still the cool girl, frenemies still exist, and all the while the victim cowers away. Stop the games. Speak Up. And remember that it gets better.


I found that a relationship with Jesus helped and helps me get through anything. With Him, all things are possible. He carries my yolk. He is always with me. All promises from the Bible, and with faith I've seen them come to pass over and again. Nobody is perfect and a church becomes imperfect once a person steps inside. But I've found that a church family can be a very good support system. Oh sure, there are fakers in the church but I think (and hope) that many Christians understand the plight of a sinner because they have to acknowledge their own sinful pasts, and continuously have to accept God's grace and mercy. But though they understand, they hold you to a higher standard, pushing you to strive for a better life, to strive to live morally. A sisterhood can form between you and a sister in Christ, where there are no games. But you've got to trust and ask God to place the right people in your life.

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