Friday, February 04, 2011

Would you be a human shield?

A poignant picture have been circulating around especially because of the civil unrest in Egypt (which should be coming to a solution today, hopefully without a hitch). Here's the picture below (1st picture). Coptic Christians (Egyptian Christians) form a human shield around praying Muslims in Cairo.

But did you know about the Muslims who formed a human shield to protect the Christians? A week before the Coptic Christians' celebration of Christmas/New Year on January 6/7, a suicide bomber killed +20 Christians and injured around 80. The night of the Christmas celebration, thousands of Muslims formed a human shield around the Christians going to Mass, to protect them from further bombing or killing (2nd picture).

I have a new respect for the Egyptian people. I've always wanted to visit Egypt for the pyramids, but the people now intrigue me. Many people would die for someone they love, or for someone in their cause.  Many would die for a brother who shares their beliefs. But would you die for someone whose beliefs are different from yours? Would you die for someone who would never share your god, your beliefs, or your lifestyle? Would you be a human shield for someone else so different from you?

Let's keep Egypt and her people in prayers as they go through this massive political change. And thank you for showing us what it means to love someone else.

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