Friday, February 04, 2011

There's An App For That

Our pastor and pastor-wife just go their own iPad. And I'm becoming increasingly aware how behind I am in the mobile app world. But I'm pretty simple when it comes to my phone. There's only a few things I want my phone to do: make phone calls, send & receive text messages, take pics, take vids, maybe play music (but I don't really use this feature), and the few little applications it has like alarm clock, calculator, and tip calculator (because I have a long standing dislike for Math). I don't want it to pop popcorn, shoot pigs, or scan barcodes. But it's a little unsettling that the last time I shared my sentiments about the phone being a phone was with a father many years my senior. I'm either that old fashioned or ... I don't even know. Sure sometimes I think it'll be cool to be able to access Twitter or FB, and I'm sure there are many cool apps out there. But I'm sticking to my resolve not to give up my last thread of resistance against being completely tied up to the Internet and Cafe World. Am I the last twentysomething that could care less for the new iPhone for Verizon? Am I the last youngun unimpressed with Apple? Most of my friends have phones I don't know how to navigate. Churches, or at least ministries, have begun to get in on the mobile app (or social networking, or pod casts) wagon. And for once I'm thankful for the immigrant members in my church. The lolo's and lola's (grandpas and grandmas) that haven't plunged as deep in the electronic world as everybody seem to have done. They still have a hand in the olden days, and I'm glad. Cuz I am a little old fashioned and I do like tradition. Oh but let me guess...there's an app for that.

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