Monday, February 21, 2011

Presidents' Day

Happy Presidents' Day.  Who's your favorite president?  I don't have one because, I mean seriously, presidents' day?  Okay, okay.  I apologize to American history buffs and professors and the likes.  Really.  I'm not into history, and I can't really say that any president has had a significant impact in my life.  But if you ask me who I think is the most memorable president, I would say Lincoln.  For all the good Honest Abe did, he deserves that big statue of himself.

Anyway, I'd just to put out there that my history with presidents started when I was born into a dictatorship.  Crazy huh.  And I was too young to care about any other presidents until Clinton, who made an effort to make himself known to kids.  I thought that was cool of him since most wouldn't care for the non-voting population.  And of course, he had that scandal. Haha. And I remember the most recent Bush because 9/11 happened when he was president.  And now Obama, who was so popular when he was running but now his approval ratings are plummeting.  His wife, though, I think is making good waves with the public.  Whoever on her team thought to connect her and Disney & Iron Chef America deserves a raise.

And that's the extent of my presidential talk because politics make my skin crawl.

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