Monday, February 14, 2011

5 Reasons Being Single is Awesome

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! So what are your plans for this evening? Mine? I'm going to cell group, but it's the birthday potluck dinner so eating time. And I'm cool with that because I wouldn't have any other Valenteine's Day plans otherwise, except to spend it with Chuck. Haha. So for all my single friends out there, here are 5 reasons being single is awesome.

1. You don't have to answer to anyone. What were you doing for the 1 hour you went AWOL? You don't have to explain yourself.

2. You get to go out without having to compromise your plans. You can do what you want to do when you want to do it. You can take a vacation/daycation where you want. You can watch the movies you want to watch.

3. You have more time: to spend with friends, to indulge in a hobby, to learn something new or meet someone new, and to dedicate to a ministry.

4. You have more money and less weight. Think about it.

5. You can drool over this without getting in trouble.

What are your reasons being single is awesome?

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