Monday, December 20, 2010

Movie Review: Tron Legacy

I've never seen the 1982 original film, and you don't have to, to understand this one.  Disney built up a lot of hype about this movie, even turning part of California Adventures into a Tron themed rave-like block party (which I want to go to, by the way). The hype didn't disappoint. This movie has a lot of action and is visually imaginative.  But it has downsides too.

The Grid is an interesting place any sci-fi fan would wish existed. It has enough lights and excitement for kids, but also has enough darkness and danger for older audiences.  I have to give major props to wardrobe.  The costumes will most likely continue to be replicated for future Comic Cons.  Two things I want: Sam's gloves and a light cycle.

"Tron Legacy" moves in a fast pace.  Thank goodness because it's 2 hr 7 mins long.  However, it moves fast enough that it's easy to miss some things.  There are some religious themes in the movie.  Jeff Bridges plays Kevin Flynn, creator of The Grid.  The inhabitants of The Grid are called Programs.  The Programs call Kevin Flynn "The Creator."  There is one scene where a Program sees The Creator passing by her so she gets on her knees in reverence of him.  The Creator creates two programs, Clu and Tron.  Clu is his replica, and is to create the perfect world.  Tron is to protect Users.  Clu turns against The Creator and turns Tron to the dark side. Clu wants to destroy The Creator and the son of the Creator, Sam.  The perfect world that The Creator created became imperfect because of Clu, and many Programs have turned against their own Creator.  Kevin Flynn also seem to have the ultimate power in The Grid.  He seem to only need to touch the ground to make things happen.  These religious themes, however, are not explored.  There's no time to.

The weirdest thing in the movie: Clu.  Clu is a Program replica of Kevin Flynn, played by Jeff Bridges. So Kevin Flynn and Clu has the image of Jeff Bridges.  The thing is, Kevin Flynn ages.  Clu does not. So Clu is a young looking Jeff Bridges.  That's when it gets weird.  The face is like a mix of make-up and digital touch ups.  It's odd.

Also odd is that Kevin Flynn, after years of being trapped in The Grid, has become somewhat of a hippie.  Although I guess being a hippie is the antithesis of the technologically advanced world of The Grid.  When Sam angered him, he said, "You're really ruining my zen, man."  Haha.

There were some things that had to be explained in the movie.  The audience starts out just as clueless as Sam Flynn (the son of Kevin Flynn).  The Grid has to be explained to Sam.  What happened to his father has to be explained to Sam.  Why and or how things worked has to be explained to Sam.  And many of the explanations were given in the form of one character speaking.  Must have been tough to remember for the actor, and annoying to sit through for me.

The acting almost takes a backseat to the world created in the movie.  Almost.  Olivia Wilde (who played Quorra) and Garrett Hedlund (who played Sam Flynn) held up their own.  Quorra is an Iso.  I won't explain what that is, but will just say that she's not human.  But it's like she wants to be.  She wants to be in our world, and not trapped forever in The Grid.  A non-human who wants to see and feel the sun and live in the world described in the books Kevin Flynn let her read.  Wilde portrayed that well.  And Hedlund portrayed this conflicted young man who is angry that his dad disappeared, but also fights not to have his dad's company taken into the wrong direction.

Overall, "Tron Legacy" is a great movie to watch.  The downsides are outweighed by the action, the light cycles, the discs, and the world of The Grid.

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