Tuesday, December 28, 2010


HIPPA stands for the Health Portability and Accountability Act.
WTH stands for what the heck.  Which is what I said when I read this about HIPAA and releasing PHI (personal health information).

According to what I read (an online training for medical staff), it is NOT against HIPAA for a doctor to use a video of a patient for teaching purposes without notifying the patient or getting authorization from the patient, as long as my sensitive PHI is not released (like my name, medical record number, address, etc).

So basically, if I was videotaped for some health related reason by my doctor or by my hospital, a doctor can use that video OF ME without my knowledge or authorization to teach a class.  A video of me.  Without my knowledge.  Shown to other people.


It doesn't matter if my name and stuff won't be released.  It's still me, and I'd want to know if a videotape of me is going to be shown to other people. And I'd want the opportunity to object. I'm all for learning, but let me know if you're using a videotape of me as a case subject.  I'm okay as an anonymous Patient X on paper, but when my image is shown (photograph, videotape, sketch), that's a whole other story.

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