Monday, November 15, 2010

Movie Review: RED

Retired Extremely Dangerous. RED follows Frank Moses (played by Bruce Willis), a retired black ops agent that is targeted to be eliminated by the very organization he used to work for. He gathers his old team, and together, they try to stop their own elimination, figure out why the hit was placed, and make everything a-okay. All the while, Moses saves and impresses Sarah, the girl he likes (played by Mary-Louise Parker). And these RED agents are kicking you know what throughout the entire movie.

This movie is supposed to be an action comedy. Although there was a lot of action and ear drum damaging sound effects, there wasn't enough comedy to complete the genre they wanted. The comedic parts they had didn't seem enough to garner big laughs from the audience, except from me. Apparently my funny bone is weak, and I was the only one laughing in the theater.

Helen Mirren plays Victoria, an ammunitions expert of sorts who defines herself with two sentences, "I kill people, dear" and "I take the odd contract on the side." It was enjoyable watching this seemingly delicate and regal woman handle big guns and bad guys. Girl power, no matter what the age.

John Malkovich plays Marvin Boggs, an eccentric and paranoid RED agent who also happens to be right a lot of times. His stuffed pink pig was out of place, cute but possibly unnecessary. They could've just used a bag.

Morgan Freeman plays Joe, who has stage 4 liver cancer but still has game left in him. Freeman wasn't in as many scenes as I expected and would have liked.

I have to give kudos to the action scenes they had that I’ve never seen before. Could you really heat up bullets in a frying pan and have the same popping-guns-are-firing-from-different-directions effect? Could someone really get out of a spinning car as smoothly and lithely as Frank Moses did?

What exactly happens to CIA agents when they retire? Who really knows? Even though parts of “RED” are predictable, improbable, and at times cheeky, it’s still an entertaining movie to watch.

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