Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yoga and Little Red Berries

CBS5 Evening News did a report on that pastor who opposed yoga, and their little commercial diddy was something like "Why Christians are being told" to avoid yoga or not do yoga or whatever. Dumb. That pastor was not telling Christians any such thing, because "Christians" encompass a lot of people with different statement of faiths. I doubt that pastor was taking on such responsibility. I don't like it when the news plaster headlines or sound bites that askew the actual story for the sake of drawing in viewers or readers. It's just not good journalism. They should be ashamed of themselves.

As for that pastor and why what he said was blown up, well I say, where have you been? The full on, actual practice of yoga includes embracing its origins and beliefs. Some practice yoga but only use the stretches or they Christianize it. The pastor then says that is not yoga. Argue if you must. I agree, it's not true yoga. It's more like "yoga." I like doing "yoga" stretches, but I find it lacking because I like the stretches I've done in jazz/ballet classes I've taken in the past.

Oh right, where have you been? Many years ago, probably around a decade ago, my family was in YMCA. My sisters and I were looking at the classes they offered and we read in the brochure that they offer yoga. We were talking about it in the lines of, "Well don't they do weird stuff?" Lo and behold, the yoga instructor was there and listening. He joined our conversation and told us that no, there's no weird stuff in yoga. He told us the success of his class and proceeded to tell us how yoga has helped his students. He told us that there was a woman in his class who was trying to conceive and couldn't. Then he told her to eat some of these berries on a daily basis, combined with taking yoga classes, and soon enough, she was pregnant. The same happened for two other women, he claimed. Then he busted out a branch with some tiny red berries on it. "Try it," he said. My sister took a berry and pretended to eat it. At the end of our conversation, the instructor was satisfied that he had positively proven that there was nothing weird about yoga or his yoga class.

Yes. The little red berries that made women pregnant sure proved that no weirdness was going on. At. All.

That's sarcasm, in case you missed it.

My point? The actual belief system in yoga does conflict with the beliefs of Christianity, just as it conflicts with many other belief systems. That is extremely old news. EXTREMELY OLD.

Is news becoming like fashion? Some things are so old it's retro? And so therefore is new? Or is the news media running out of things to report? They shouldn't. Have they looked outside their offices lately?

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