Sunday, October 17, 2010

No Thank You to ThankYou Citi Rewards

If you received Citi Reward ThankYou points by booking through, be aware that this will change. This is what they sent out:

We wanted to let you know about a change to the ThankYou® Rewards program that takes place as of December 1.
Our relationship with Expedia® will be changing.
Starting on December 1, 2010, ThankYou Members will no longer earn ThankYou Points from Expedia for booking travel on Expedia. However, ThankYou Members will continue to earn ThankYou Points on Expedia purchases made with a Citi credit or debit card that includesThankYou Rewards. Additionally, the Citi PremierPass® / Expedia® World MasterCard® credit card will continue to earn 2X ThankYou Points on Expedia purchases.

So that's that.
Whatever. I went on to retrieve the points I earned, because I was sent an email saying that it's eligible for a gift card. So give me my gift card because I won't be signing up for your credit card.

I get to their website and I don't know what to do. Can I login using my Expedia account? After several tries, I figure out I can't. So I have to sign up for yet another account. Ugh.

So I click on "Setup a User Name" and everything goes smoothly until "Profile & Settings."

The first red light is with that the email is a required field, but there's no text box to enter it in.
I had no choice but to skip it, and I check all I had to check and type all I had to type, including checking the "Yes I have read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions." That was the second red flag because it is unaligned. Their checkbox to sign up for ecommunications is also unaligned. Check these pictures out.

So anyway, I click "Save & Continue" at the bottom, and wouldn't you know it, I didn't fill out all required fields (so they say). Funny thing is, there is a red box around "Yes I read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions," which tells me that they're telling me I need to check that checkbox. Which I did the first time around.

I go through the motions again, tried to edit some stuff. Nothing. The text box for the email address was still missing and that annoying red box kept appearing around "Yes I read and agreed to the Terms & Conditions."

So I gave up trying to fill out that last bit to get to my reward points. I locate their "Contact Us" page only to find out that you can contact them by snail mail or by phone business hours, ET.

Their "Help Section" is no help either.

Their site is whack and I'm betting their customer service is whack as well. You don't like the word "whack" then try user UNfriendly and UNreliable.

So what do I do now? Send a strongly worded snail mail to Sioux Falls, SD? Call their generic 1-800 number tomorrow, translating their business hours to the right time zone and waiting through machine operators, unwanted options, and holding on the line for an actual person to answer?

I do the only thing I can do NOW. I blast them on my blog.
Say "No thank you" to ThankYou Citi Rewards!

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