Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Movie Review: Life As We Know It

I love rom-coms, and this movie follows the typical rom-com formula. Boy and Girl hate each other, twist of fate, boy and girl fall in love, and live happily ever after, with a baby.

So as far as the script goes, there really wasn't anything new. There were what may be considered as twists and surprises, but they didn't have enough twist or surprise to throw the audience for a loop. No matter what happened, we knew they were going to end up together.

*Spoiler* One refreshing twist though was at the end when Katherine Heigl's character, Holly, was the one that ran after Josh Duhamel's character, Messer, in the airport. Not much of a twist, like I said, but at least the girl ran after the guy this time.

They had a pretty good looking cast with Heigl and Duhamel at the lead. Heigl was beautiful with poop on her face, baby food thrown at her, and even during the emotional crying parts. It's almost unfair.

The laughs weren't as big as I expected them to be, and I cried more than I thought I would (I'm a crier). But I believed Heigl and Duhamel as a couple. Pretty good looking couple, falling in love, living in a nice house with mortgage taken care of, and becoming a family with an adorable baby girl without the labor. Yeah, that's rom-com for you.

This is a PG-13 movie for sexual material, language, and drug content.
The drug content threw me off. I didn't expect it to be as big of a scene as it was.
*Spoiler* There's a scene where Heigl and Duhamel's characters bake "special" brownies. Holly didn't want to smoke it because there's a baby in the house. The morning after their brownie night, the case worker comes to check on them. They had to hurry to clean up the messy evidence, Messer ran the bag of drugs through the sink erator, but they failed to put away the plate of leftover special brownies, which the case worker almost eats. This is supposed to be all funny, and it an extent.

Another drug content scene example: The baby's dad, Peter (played by Hayes MacArthur) confiscated the drugs from the teenage boys that set up the astro jump castle at Sophie's (the baby) first birthday. The dad confessed that once a year Alison (his wife, played by Christina Hendricks) and he liked to relive their past lives.

I miss rom-coms like "You've Got Mail" where you fall in love all over again every single time. But "Life As We Know It" is a good movie to laugh with and cry with. You could fall in love too, but to Heigl or Duhamel, not necessarily with their love story.

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