Saturday, September 11, 2010

No Screaming Babies Allowed

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Basically, a restaurant put up a sign that reads, "Screaming Children Will NOT Be Tolerated!" And business went up. A bar attempted to ban strollers, and another banned babies after 5pm. A poll indicates that 60% of travelers want a section in the plane just for families with children, while 20% want child-free flights. So the question is posed. Are people becoming more intolerant of kids in public (noisy or not)? Or are more parents tuning out their noisy children?

I would love for there to be a section in the plane for families with children. I think it's a good idea because:

1) Babies cry during flights because they can't handle the change in air pressure (ears popping hurt them). I'm not easily irritated with babies crying and I've gone through a flight with this scenario, but it does get tiring. Poor baby and poor people trying to sleep.

2) Parents do tune out their kids and their own section just might jolt them back to reality because chances are, they'll be annoyed by other noisy children and hopefully realize that their own kids probably annoy others too.

3) It'll be less embarrassing for the parents since many parents do realize that their noisy kids can annoy other people. Their own section will have a sympathetic group.

My friend told me that she used to be annoyed at parents who don't shush up their crying babies until she had a baby of her own. Then she realized how tiring it is and she would also tune out her own child and just let him cry.

I love kids. I don't have any of my own, but I've dealt with a lot of kids. I don't think people are becoming more intolerant of kids in public. I think they're becoming more intolerant of parents who can't handle their kids in public. There are certain situations that a child will cry and the parent cannot do anything about it. Like babies crying because of the change in air pressure in an airplane, or a newly adopted baby jolted with new faces and surroundings, or a child in pain with no immediate relief available. I like to think that people are tolerant of the children in those kinds of situations. But children who are noisy/rowdy for the sake of chaos or because they didn't get what they want is another story. That boils down to parenting, which is a 24/7 lifetime job. And if parents refuse to parent their children in a public setting, then I say power to the restaurants and bars who are standing up for their other patrons and saying enough is enough.

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