Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kids Fly Solo

Watch the video here.

So these 3 kids, ages 15, 13, & 11, fly from Jacksonville, Florida, to Nashville, Tennessee, all by themselves. Nobody stopped them or questioned them. They took & paid for a cab to the airport, bought $700 worth of plane tickets from Southwest Airlines, and passed through security. Then they flew to Nashville because they wanted to visit Dollywood, an amusement park. Except Dollywood is located in Pigeon Ford.

1. Why did they fly into the wrong city? Of all the things they did "right" to play hooky, they got their destination wrong. Putting aside the fact that they left without notifying any adults (a big no-no), you've got to hand it to these kids. On my senior cut day, I went out with my friend (who's in college) to buy Easter eggs because we needed it for our Easter Egg Hunt in Sunday School. Yep. I did errands. But these kids flew to another state.

2. What is wrong with TSA & Southwest?!? TSA said they don't ID minors and Southwest didn't question them because kids over the age of 12 can fly solo (they justified the 11 yr old because he was flying with two older companions). Really? Really. A group of kids buying $700 worth of tickets without any adults present didn't set off any bells in the minds of any adults working? Or how about the countless of adults that were undoubtedly around them? Didn't anyone suspect anything at all?

3. That girl was ballin'! Money for cab fare, money for air fare, and if they ended up in the right city, more money for cab fare and money for Dollywood. Wow, she babysat a lot. Well...she's probably grounded, and in more ways than one. She should have saved it for a car like she planned.

Lessons learned:
1. The next time you play hooky, make sure you're going to the right destination.
2. Don't sell plane tickets to minors.
3. Dolly Parton built an amusement park called Dollywood and it's in Pigeon Ford, Tennessee.

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