Thursday, July 29, 2010

Whose Faith?

I gotta break the posts up with something that's not a movie review :-) and I received a reply that got me thinking (or asking) about faith. Specifically, whose faith?

There are many people who grow up into a religion. I was born a Catholic. My family were Catholic, and I attended a Catholic school. So one might say that I'm of the Catholic faith. But is the Catholic faith mine? Then my aunt brought my mom to a Pentecostal church. Mom brought my sisters, and later me. I became a member of this Pentecostal church, and one might say that I'm of the Pentecostal faith. But is the Pentecostal faith mine?

I think a lot of people are nomadic. Nomads are people who have no fixed home. They move around according to seasons in search of food, water, shelter, etc. A search result for "define nomadic" turns up "a restless mobile society."

When it comes to faith, a lot of people are part of a restless mobile society. They move from faith to faith (belief to belief) according to seasons, according to their needs, and according to the people around them. They are of that faith, but the faith does not belong to them.

There comes a time when a person must own up to his/her faith.
This is a time when a person will grow roots. No matter what season you're going through, no matter how desperate your needs are, and no matter what anybody else say, you stick with your faith because that's what you truly believe deep down and inside out.

Whose faith do you own? Is it your parents'? Your friends'? Your culture's? Or is it yours?

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