Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Short Movie Reviews: SATC2, Prince of Persia, Killers

So last week, I watched 3 movies and I liked all of them. I didn't write reviews because. That's my explanation. But I'd like to write a few thoughts, if only to force myself to continue writing. So here are the movies in the order I watched them.

I'm not a die hard fan of "Sex and the City." Actually, I've never seen a single episode of the TV series. I've only seen the first movie and the second. I love the fashion and the glamour, but most of all, the friendship of the four women.

The movie bombed in the box office, and die hard fans were (still are?) mad about the switch from a MAC to a PC laptop. Were they mad too when Carrie had to switch the area code of her cell # in the first movie?

Anyway, this was a fun movie to watch. Long though. But the laughs, the twists, and the look into Abu Dhabi was worth holding my bladder. Why did I buy that soda?

You have to watch "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" if only to see Jake Gyllenhaal ripped and muscular. And to see the parkour stunts. Great stunts. Great action.

Didn't matter to me that Gyllenhaal's not Persian. Wouldn't have minded either if they used a Persian because I've seen very handsome Persians. But hello, it's Disney and they know how to make money, which means hiring a big name actor.

Spoiler alert:
The twist in the ending was great and it was a happy ending. But there's a little bit of sadness because the great events that led to Dastan & Tamina's falling in love were lost. I find it sad when two people lose everything they've gone through.

Time to refocus: Jake Gyllenhaal + muscles + parkour = go see the movie.

"Killers" was funny. Flat out. It's Ashton Kutcher. How could there be no funny when there's Ashton? But the plot was nicely crafted as well. I don't like action for the sake of action/bombs for the sake of bombs. This movie didn't do that. There was purpose to the gunfire. However, it was a little slow getting to the good action sequences. Understandable because the movie had to build up the relationship between Spencer & Jen (Ashton & Heigl's characters), but a little slow. Also, the drunkard mom, not needed. She could just have been a mom. Oh, and there are some graphic scenes. The kind where I'm turning away because I didn't need to see how *spoiler alert* a girl can die from a chandelier.

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katesum said...

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i just watched prince of persia last week. It was good, as you said. (haha, the muscle)
Going to watch Sex and the city2 tonight. Hopefully it 'll be good too :)