Monday, May 03, 2010

Nashville Flood

So Nashville's flooded. It's been on the news and here are some photos. Yes my heart goes out to them, but part of my mind is recalling my childhood memories of floods in the Philippines. And the floods are worse because there's more trash in the Philippines rivers and roads, and when the floods come, the trash and diseases are distributed everywhere. Plus, a lot of people lived in shanties. Their homes were easily destroyed.

I remember this one time when my cousins and I were staying at my grandparents' house. We got flooded and what did the neighborhood kids do (including my cousins and me)? We played in the flood. It was like a huge swimming pool. After that day, I've had dreams where that same community was like Atlantis, submerged in water. We swam just like mer-people but without the tail. It was fun. In reality, floods are dangerous and playing in floods is dangerous.

Wherever you are, it's horrible to be caught up in a flood, especially one that destroys your home or leaves some people stranded, trapped, or worse. However, experience has shown me that people will live on, especially if we band together as a community and as a nation. If people help people. And hopefully, these experiences will teach us to better care for our planet.

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