Saturday, May 22, 2010

My Narnia/How to Train Your Dragon Mix Dream

Lucy and I are on a boat en route to a magical island much like Narnia. There is a prince with us, but it's not Caspian. We arrive at the island, our home, to find it under attack. While Lucy and I climb some cliffs to find a safe house, the prince goes awol. We learn that the leader of the people attacking us is on the way, and when the leader comes, so will our ultimate destruction. We have to prepare for the battle that will determine everyone's survival. Lucy and I head to the top of the highest cliff overlooking the raging ocean. A gigantic battle ship arrives. They are from the human world. The leader is a woman and her right hand man is the prince that road on the boat with us. We were betrayed.

"Why are you here?" I scream while yielding my sword.

The prince boards a type of hover vessel and yields his sword. "Those who use and believe in magic shouldn't live!"

The prince attacks and disarms my sword. I utter a battle cry and our people jump off the cliffs and onto our flying dragons, who flies in just in time for battle. Fighting ensues. The prince pursues me on his hover craft. I dodge him on my dragon. Then with an incantation and a circle of my hand, I release a yellow-gold magical force that blows a hole into the ship. Lucy and the other people does the same, using magic to defend our home. The enemies flee, including the prince and the woman. We won. Dream ends.

Now that I've written it out, this dream also has a mix of Merlin, the TV show. Funny dreams I get.

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